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The Challenge
The Solution
Solution key Benefits

“We needed a system that would allow for growth and would optimise the candidate interaction process. Keeping track of internal and external communications is core to our operation as correct management impacts directly on our profitability. If not done correctly, business is easily lost and leads go cold due to human error, usually insufficient administration or the departure of consultants who take their prospective candidates with them”. Mohammed Shakeel, Director

Value Edge, struggled adequately tracking communications between recruiters and their clients and candidates. Performance issues left director Mohammed Shakeel no choice but to re-enter the market for a more reliable and intuitive solution that had to meet the following criteria:

  • Integrates with existing Value Edge business applications and software in both front and back office
  • Allows employees to work remotely with no loss of productivity
  • Is highly scalable to accommodate planned expansion

Extended Info

DIMAH Technologies met Value Edge’s business requirements and enabled employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection. New users could be added quickly and easily. A further benefit was that the majority of the back office IT would be housed, operated and managed by the service provider; all Value Edge needed was PCs with internet connections.

Additional Few Things

Value Edge benefited through the following

- Able to handle communications between recruiter, clients and candidates in a more promising manner
- The solution addressed their end to end recruiting solution from hiring to deployment
- Clients and candidates are now able to get instant status updates on their placements
- A central repository for all their CV’s