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"We needed a service provider whot could understand our security concerns and be prepared to work with us. The Dimah team was patient and helped us develop a cost-effective solution that met our security business needs. The people at DIMAH Technologies make a great team.” – Ilyas Ansari, Managing Director

The company was concerned about information security. They were apprehensive about critical data being sent out of their office. The management recognized this as a potential issue and took the decision to implement Internet Security solution.

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After trying other solutions & application, they were not able to discover any solutions or device which was capable to fulfill all requirements in single appliance. Finally they approached Dimah Technologies to provide them with a solutions, for Data leak Prevention & monitoring in house as well out of office users UTM brands using DLP they were able to monitor all browsing, webmail content ,file uploads contents ,data posted on social networking sites & also web chat IM portals for local branch & roaming users. Other UTM brands had said no to this options on single appliance, but DImah Technologies was able to providing them with a solution called Enterprise Cloud, Enterprise Cloud was capable to gather logs of the roaming, in house & branch users to the centralized UTM appliance placed at their HO data center.

Additional Few Things

The new solution allowed them to

        - Control the productivity of their employees
        - Enable employee access to internet only for business reasons
        - Have a complete visibility of their internet usage