Business Solutions

Change is part of growth, and all successful businesses grow. Businesses are skilled at what they do day-to-day. But changing the way they operate, on whatever scale, can be difficult and full of uncertainty. Properly planned and managed change works best. As businesses can be affected by outside factors in unexpected ways, delivering efficient and cost-effective business solution can be a highly complex and multi-faceted task. Some businesses think that they can do these themselves, but most appreciate that a specialist task requires a specialist to do it. This is where Business Solutions from DIMAH Technologies pour in. We offer Business Solutions from the following domains.


DIMAH Technologies attitude to business is built upon an evaluation of what every customer needs, and finding the most effective way of filling those needs. We recognize that the Computing Solutions required to run your business systems are just as important as the members of staff operating it. With this in mind we have strived to offer cost effective yet mutually beneficial solutions under our enterprise computing domain.

We, at DIMAH Technologies offers complete range of HP business and consumer PCs, Desktops, Mobile Computing Devices, Workstations, Notebooks, Tablet PCs, Mini Books and Thin Clients, etc.


Centralization is needed to collaborate business services within your office as well across geographical dispersed locations. Networks provide a means to communicate and collaborate all your business services to achieve centralization. Networks have played a very crucial and important role in reducing cost of IT through centralization. Businesses are aware that Network's have a chief role to play in reducing the total IT solution cost for connecting services.

At DIMAH Technologies, Our Networking solutions ensure that your network fits the requirements of the business and has the flexibility to evolve as your business needs change.


Today all businesses cannot do without Internet Access. Business need internet and it has become a necessity. Internet provides a medium of good as well as bad sources.

Every organization has a responsibility to protect, their business from bad sources originating from Internet. Bad sources like Viruses, SPAM, Hacking, and Phishing etc can be a threat to your business and therefore require complete protection solutions to safeguard intellectual as well as critical information against these.

Keeping sensitive data secure from unauthorized access, and protecting the systems from viruses, spyware and spam are now essential tasks which require regular attention. We provide security solutions including both Internal and Internet to ensure your critical assets remain protected.


Simplified Backup storage solutions are essential requirement in business critical environment.

When planning to optimize your Enterprise storage, it can be a challenge to identify and enhance the best fit according to the needs. DIMAH Technologies provides comprehensive range of Storage solutions that addresses the diverse customer requirements from low-end to high-end expandable & scalable storage solutions.

Under our Storage Solutions domain we offer a wide range of Backup hardware infrastructure and backup software solutions to protect your critical data from getting lost.


Today, no business wants to be left behind without having their presence felt over the web. The identity of your business over internet plays a vital role. Your business need to be represented in a very professional way. Your prospective clients should perceive your business in a way that attracts them to do business with you. This is where our E Portfolio solutions come into picture.

With our E-Business portfolio your business shall have a professional uplift. Be it communicating your business using professional email Id's, how your customers perceive your services through web site or having a printed portfolio representing your business in the form of brochure, our e-business solutions shall cover everything for you.